Saturday, May 8, 2010

You're Too Lazy To Move

Lately, our best source of new residents is the community right down the street. I happen to be friends with the Property Manager. (colleague-acquaintance-rival-hated enemy that I WILL DESTROY.

She has a new business plan. Price gouging. I really like it. They move 'em at normal rent, then raise the rent 30% at renewal.

Their residents come to us in droves, with panic in their eyes. 30 days to find a new place or go back on the ramen noodle diet.

We grab the deposit. They make plans on where the couch is going. Welcome to your new home.

Back to the evil landlord, who just got their notice to move. "Stay," she begs. "Aren't we friends? Isn't this your home? It's so hard. Packing. Unpacking. Address changes. Window treatments. Isn't it just easier to stay? "

You should really say goodbye.

Don't get me wrong, Joe Renter. Every lease renewal will mean a rent increase. Anywhere you live, expect at least 5-8%. The property gots a gas bill increase, we gots payroll with raises, we gots to keep the lights on. It is a business. But let's be reasonable.

Are you really to lazy to move? Didn't think so.

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