Saturday, May 8, 2010

What Kind of People Live Here?

That's not a question any property manager can answer. Seriously. It's a fair housing issue.

So if you ask the question, you're going to get some standard, memorized, response pre-approved by the landlord's lawyer. "...we accept all kinds of people, as long as they meet our resident selection criteria..." Guaranteed!

I don't blame you, the renter. You want to know your neighbors before they start stealing stuff out of the UHaul, right?

You are making a commitment for a year. Take the time to find out.

Immediately after your community tour, get a coffee and return, incognito, to your potential new home. Probably don't need a disguise, but no need to sign in at the office before you case the joint.

Sit in the parking lot, in front of the entrance, walk around. Do it for an hour and watch. Leave when your coffee gets cold. Come back at night with a bag of Doritos and stalk some more. Leave when the bag is empty or you're sick to your stomach from Nacho Cheese additive.

You'll get the real glimpse of how many stolen shopping carts are currently on the property, if your Geo Prism will stick out amongst all the Beemers, or if you're the only one not skipping class to return the keg tap.

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