Saturday, May 8, 2010

Marketing to Mimes

We're changing the logo of the property. The current logo is just not cutting it. The residents have probably been calling the home office to express their dissatisifaction. (The property manager is always the last to know when the residents hate the logo.)

No one can decide what color the new logo should be. Color? How about the actual logo? Nope. Color is the hot topic of debate and no one can agree.

So we bring in the expert marketing guru and hash it out for 3 hours. I get him alone at a potty break and ask, "should COLOR really be the sole focus of our logo change?"

He shares my stupid question with his short, little, note-taking sidekick. And they both laugh. Stupid Girl! Color is everything. "The color of the logo will drive the clientele," he snides and then ignores every suggestion I make for the next 4 hours.

Gets you wondering: what color logo attracts what clientele? We must be very careful.

Red: Circus clowns - it's the nose. Those clowns are gonna flood the leasing office.
Blue: Trekkies - We really don't have the room for Star Trek conventions, but ok.
Yellow: Beekeepers- no good. We only allow cats. No dogs, ferrets, or stinging insects.
Silver: Disco Dancers - might be hard to rent apartments to Disco Dancers; they're a dwindling breed, but they do have rhythm.
White: Mimes - Great residents. They're very quiet. My husband practices mime. He's nice.

What color do you think. Doesn't matter - the decision is out of our unknowledgable hands. I hope they are very careful or we'll end up with a community full of gum-chewing, profanity-using birdhouse makers.

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